If you are looking to pay privately, please contact us at (973) 673-6911. We accept most major credit cards, money orders, COD as well as personal checks.

Hospitals, patients, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities rely on Ambicab Medical Transportation for superior service with a personal touch. Operating as a single, one-call resource for all of your medical  transportation needs, Ambicab provides the following services:

  •  Emergency Ambulance Transport  

  •  Non-Emergency Ambulance Transport

  •  Specialty Care Transport

  •  Mobility Assistance Vehicles / Wheelchair Van

If you have private insurance, you will want to call the 800 number on the back of your insurance card and  make sure that your requested ambulance services will be covered.

Insurance - What is Covered
  • Transports to approved dialysis facilities
  • Documented emergency transports
  • Transports to and from  hospitals if the receiving hospital is the closest facility
  • Transports between a skilled nursing facility and a hospital

  • Transportation in wheelchair vans or cars
  • Transportation by stretcher to doctor's office

  • From a hospital to a doctor’s office, nursing home, residence, or to another hospital.
  • From SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) to another SNF

  • Discharges from hospital to home or SNF
  • From residence to doctor’s office, hospital, wound care and to dialysis

Stretcher (ambulance) transports




*Note: Transportation for Medicaid recipients in New Jersey is scheduled through Logisticare

Logisticare is a contracted medical transportation broker for the state of New Jersey to coordinate transportation for Medicaid recipients.

  • Trips must be set up 48 business hours in advance unless the appointment being set up is considered an urgent matter.
  • Logisticare accepts Medicaid pending patients.

You must contact Logisticare  at 1-866-527-9945 to schedule the trip. While speaking with a representative from Logisticare, you may select AMBICAB to be your "preferred" provider or request a specific provider of your choosing.

Our Services

Does NOT cover

Wheelchair transports

BLS Ambulance - SCTU Specialty Care - Wheelchair Van Service

*Note: Medicare now requires Prior Authorization for ambulance transportation in New Jersey

This means that your doctor and/or care team will need to provide appropriate documentation to Medicare that fully explains why the ambulance services are medically necessary before services can be arranged. 

Stretcher (ambulance) transports